An Exclusive Interview With DIGS CEO Eva Rajwans

Today we’re pretty excited to bring you this exclusive interview with DIGS CEO Eva Rajwans.  We recently caught up with Eva to discuss her retail concept DIGS, a beloved luxury boutique in NYC’s chic Upper East Side.  DIGS is a favorite of the street chic set, the fashion elite, and it’s also one of our favorite places to shop.  She told us the story behind DIGS, the exclusive in-house labels, her influences, and what she wishes you’d stop wearing!  Read on to discover DIGS and prepare to be amazed!

Fashionkrush  Did  you always want to be a designer? Was it something you always knew you would do?

Eva Rajwans  I always knew….I had a passion for design even from a young age.  My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 11.  I designed and sewed outfits for myself and loved outfitting paper dolls in the latest fashions.  I’m grateful to be able to do what I do on a daily basis.

FK Who or what inspired you to create DIGS? What motivated you to launch your own label and retail chain concept?

ER  I’ve spent many years in the fashion industry as a designer and as a creative director for several successful brands.  I’ve always wanted to create the ultimate New York cool retail shopping experience with our own in-house exclusive clothing and accessories labels that are luxurious yet affordable and ageless.  DIGS was the perfect vehicle to offer all of that as there was a big void in the market.  Offering our own exclusive brands and labels that you can’t find anywhere else is an essential part and really the heart of the DIGS experience. Each of our labels represent a particular lifestyle.  Our customers love the exclusivity and our originality.


FK What is the story behind DIGS?

ER  DIGS is an acronym for Done-In-Great-Style. Our flagship retail store is located in NYC’s chic Upper East Side.  As I mentioned, we carry our own brands: DIGSROYAL DIGSDIGS COUTURE VINTAGE DIGS, DIGS LUXURY BEACHDIGS BIJOUX and DIGS BEAUTE. 

FK  Can you tell us a little bit  about each of your brands?

ER  The brands available at DIGS are all our own and quite unique. We design and offer 7 house labels that make up our DIGS Clothing Collection:

DIGS is our grand in-house label.

ROYAL DIGS is our main label that is inspired by Paris and London fashion. It features unique shapes, fabulous silhouettes, decadent details and the prevalent color is BLACK.

VINTAGE DIGS is a collection of unique items that represent one-of-kind DIGS pieces originating from the beginning of all DIGS collections. Preserved original items start from new to now modern vintage.

DIGS COUTURE is a limited seasonal collection which defines opulence and luxe. It features high-end luxurious fabrics with runway-inspired with handcrafted intrinsic details. It’s the go-to-label for super chic haute fashion.

DIGS LUXURY BEACH collection lies in old traditions. Eyelets, laces, linens and silk cottons in shades of white, ivory, turquoise and summer black inspired by the South of France and the Greek Isles. It’s the go-to-label for pared down luxury beach resort.

DIGS BIJOUX  is our exquisite jewelry collection. It is bold and cutting edge featuring handcrafted industrial chains, semi precious stones and crystals with dramatic results.

DIGS BEAUTE is a deliciously exclusive Black Collection of Beaute Products & Accessories. Ayurvedic kohl for dramatic eyes….DIGS NOIR nail polish for high impact…Perfectly Imperfect!

FK  Do you have any influences? What influences your DIGS collections?

ER  My biggest influences are from street style images and the lifestyles of our ultra-stylish customers.

FK  How do you stay inspired season after season?

ER  Traveling to new places and seeing how people dress inspire me.

FK  Who is the woman that wears DIGS? What is she like?

ER  The woman that wears DIGS is modern, ageless, and a professional who knows what they don’t want and is comfortable in their own skin.

FK  Your one and only DIGS flagship is located on NYC’s Upper East Side.  What can shoppers expect once they walk through the door?

ER  A modern retail environment that is conducive to shopping. They’ll experience knowledgable staff, beautiful clothing and amazing accessories. Complete immersion in a luxury environment that offers affordable and of-the-moment fashion trends that compliment their lifestyle. They can also look forward to seeing something new and fresh all the time as we keep the flow of new merchandise coming in every 2-3 days.

FK  DIGS is known as the go-to store for New York cool.  What is it about DIGS that is so special? What distinguishes DIGS from any other luxury retailer?

ER  Every retailer has their own niche and customer base. DIGS is the epitome of real luxury that is truly affordable.  We stand apart from the rest because of our exclusive collections that are sold in our own retail flagship.  We are in a unique position to offer our customers exactly what the want.  They want the most relevant and high fashion trends every season.  We’re highly sought after because we deliver exactly that.

FK  What is the hottest item in your store right now? What are your customers coveting?

ER  Our hand waxed sweaters and leather tops are extremely popular. They look amazing on everybody and the quality is top notch.

FK  Fashion designers have enviable style.  Like yourself. You always look amazing.  How would you describe your own personal style?


ER  I’d describe my style as hip with edge. Wearable and timeless and mostly black!

FK  Do you have any style icons?

ER  Brigitte Bardot is my ultimate style icon.  Her style is forever-chic.

FK  Is there a fashion trend that you think is “done”? Anything you wish women would move on from?

ER  I wish women would move on from low cut jeans. All they do is emphasize the infamous “muffin top”.  Ditch the less casual looks….like sweat pants unless you’re headed to the gym.

FK  Is there a fashion trend you’d like to see more women embrace? What trend should they try?

ER I wouldn’t say one particular trend but I would love to see more women thinking outside the box and mixing the new trend of the season with their classic looks.  The trend of the season can either be a shape or a new color.

FK  Name 5 things you can’t live without.

ER  A great pair of leggings, a crisp white shirt,  a stylish coat,  good hat,  and a classic leather jacket.

FK  Do you have any hobbies or interests?

ER  I really enjoy traveling around the world.  Being in the fashion industry I get to travel a lot.

FK  Do you ever get to take a break ? If so, where do you like to go to relax and recharge?

ER  I’m always on the next hip thing that’s going to happen but whenever I get a chance to unwind, My husband and I head to the beaches in St. Tropez and the Greek Isles.

FK  Fashion designers tend to pursue and lend their talents to other creative projects. You’ve designed luxurious interiors and ultra-modern furniture.  Do you have any other creative ambitions? What else do you want to do?

ER  I’ve always wanted to create, develop and launch a luxury boutique hotel. Stay tuned for that.

FK  What is next for DIGS? Are there any plans to expand your brand that you can tell us about?

ER  Yes…there is a lot happening with DIGS.  We’re planning to open DIGS stores in Miami, LA, Malibu, and Dallas in 2015.  We’re also launching our web store in Fall 2014.  Soon you’ll be able to shop DIGS no matter where you live.

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