Could 30K+ fashion-forward netizens be wrong? I don’t think so!

Summer is on the horizon. Are you ready to swap out your sneakers for some sandals? Try sliding your feet into a pair of Cushionaire sandals.

Lane and Luna are the two styles that landed on my radar. They both boast a whopping 30K or more 5-star reviews. It’s not too hard to see why:

1.) These sandals feature 100% genuine suede insoles that form a perfect contour of your foot after being worn in.

2.) The’ve got a premium vegan upper with a soft lining and adjustable straps.

3.) The cork footbed is flexible.

4.) The premium traction design EVA outsole is long lasting.

5.) They’re an inexpensive alternative to similar footbed sandals like Birkenstock.

Luna Cork Footbed Sandal

After reading some of the reviews, I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Well, my mind was blown. Not only are they affordable (I paid about $30) but they are sooooooo comfortable. They pair well with many different looks AND they really are long-lasting. I liked them so much I ended up buying several different styles from the cork footbeds collection.

Make room in your summer footwear lineup for these sandals. Shop Cushionaire’s entire collection of cork bed sandals and more at Amazon.

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