10 Of The Most Inspiring Street Style Pics From London Fashion Week SS17

10 Of The Most Inspiring Street Style Pics From London Fashion Week SS17

London Fashion Week has come and gone but you can still relive all the excitement, energy AND all the street style. While you’re at it, pick up some inspiration for your new look this season. There’s no better to place to turn to than the concrete catwalk for some ideas.  Ready to get inspired? Here are some looks to take note of. Make them yours.


Embellished Denim

You can never have too much denim in your life! If your wardrobe is full of “clean” styles in a handful of washes, it’s time to add some embellished denim to the mix. The more embellished the better. Patchwork, pearls, embroidery,  crystals and studs all take denim to the next level. Get the look. 




Fringe has been on the scene for a few seasons now and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you have yet to harness the mesmerizing power of fringe, what are you waiting for? Do it now! There’s something about the way it moves with your every move that gets all the stares. Whether it’s eyelash fringe or the thicker variety– it’s all hypnotic. Get the look.



Pleated Maxi

Like fringe, the pleated maxi moves when you do–and when the wind picks it up. Why not catch the light while you’re at it? Pleated maxi skirts and dresses in metallic and holographic like fabrications all play with the light. Get the look.



Wearable Art

Love the arts? Invest in it this season….the wearable kind of art. Paint splatters, spray-painting, collage and hand-painted designs give everything from accessories to outerwear a creative dose of street cred. Get the look.



Statement Sleeves

Whether it’s a cascade of ruffles, artful draping or an embellished cuff, statement sleeves are here to stay. Get the look.



Slip On Sneakers 

Heels rule but sometimes your feet just need a break. Give your heels the day off and put on a pair of slip-on sneakers instead.  They can be paired with all your casual and even your more dressed up looks. Riding high on the sports luxe wave, you’ll find slip-on sneakers in a variety of fabrications like velvet, leather, waxed canvas and even wool.  Extra special touches like oversized bows, pearls, crystals and chain embellishments make them worthy of a spot in your fall footwear lineup.  Get the look. 




You need a leopard something….a leopard print ANYTHING in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a leopard print sweater, coat or a bag–there’s no way you can mess this classic up. Get the look.




Could you use some flair? Put on a patch…or 2…or 3…or 4. You can pretty much personalize anything with a cool patch. If you’re not into the DIY scene, you can get anything from outerwear to an iPhone case pre-patched.  Get the look.



Winter White 

Remember that archaic rule about wearing white after Labor Day? You can ignore that.  Go ahead and wear your whites. It’s no longer frowned upon–it’s encouraged. So don’t send your whites to the back of your closet–never to be seen again until next year.  Refresh your look for fall and experiment with a palette of white and winter whites.  It’s so chic of you. .Get the look.



Dark Florals

If you loved wearing your floral prints earlier this year, you can still flaunt florals in fall.  Opt for the darker variety instead. Get the look.


Photos: Courtesy of Farfetch



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