FASHIONKRUSH is a fashion trend blogzine.  Part blog. Part magazine. Here you will find the latest and most relevant fashion trends, shops you should know, fashion related news, the inside scoop on sales, and shopping perks especially for FASHIONKRUSH readers.


Laurie Ellison writes all content for FASHIONKRUSH.  She also writes web content for a variety of retailers, magazines and newspapers. A resident of the sunshine state, she’s worked for some great fashion labels in her career and in many different capacities.  Laurie is a proud alumni of Florida State University (GO “NOLES!)  and the prestigious Fashion Institute of New York City.

How is FASHIONKRUSH different from any other fashion blog?

There are thousands of fashion blogs and sites. Each has their own niche and their own audience.  With that said, FASHIONKRUSH is your source for the  latest “krush-worthy” fashion trends and where to get them.

What is your “fashion philosophy”?

Fashion is not all about where you got it… our how much you paid for it….but more about how you wore it. The girl who wears a little bit of vintage, a bit of designer, and throws in something made for the masses….is far more interesting than the girl who wears only designer head to toe.  The reality is that if you love fashion,  you really don’t have to spend a fortune to be fashionable. Some really great brands exist out there that make it attainable for women of any economic status to be fashion-forward.

Why do you have ads on your site?

FASHIONKRUSH is constantly partnering with interesting and unique retailers. There is something unique about each and every one of them.  Feel free to visit their sites…window shop online…and discover the fashion they have to offer. You might fall in love with a new label, find inspiration for a new look, or find your new favorite go-to item.


*Site Disclosure*

FASHIONKRUSH partners with and promotes hundreds of retailers, brands, and designers to create amazing content for FASHIONKRUSH readers.  As an affiliate/publisher FASHIONKRUSH sometimes receive samples for sponsored posts to review and write about. Links are provided everywhere on the site for instant shopping.  When purchases are made via these links, FASHIONKRUSH receives compensation in the form of a commission from advertisers/partners.  These commissions keep the site operating, evolving, and growing into a unique online fashion trend destination.


Thanks for reading FASHIONKRUSH! 


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