6 Accessories That Charge Your iPhone On The Go

6 Accessories That Charge Your iPhone On The Go

Let’s face it. We’re using our iPhones 24/7 and they need to be ready on a whim for texting, surfing, snapping selfies and anything else that’s done on the regular. We’re basically lost without our iPhones.  I think we can all relate that we enter panic mode when our iPhones go dead. It ALWAYS happens at the most inconvenient time like when you’re away from home or the office and there’s no place to get a quick charge.

If you’re out and about and your iPhone is all of a sudden in the red low power zone, don’t panic. Bring it back to life fast with one of these clever charging accessories. Never again will you have to sit at the public docking station at the mall or go without your precious iPhone for the day.  This new crop of modern chargers appears to be a stylish accessory but once you do the double take,  you’ll see they’re actually tech savvy too.

What a clever (and chic) disguise, right?

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