5 Ways To Buy What You Want For Less

5 Ways To Buy What You Want For Less

Are your retail therapy sessions costing you a small fortune? You can still buy the things you want (clothes, clothes and more clothes!) without blowing your wad. Check out these 5 ways to buy what you want for less.

1.) Subscribe to text message alerts.

Retailers are staying in touch with shoppers by text or instant messaging. Emails are so old school. Besides, do you really want more messages in your inbox? Instead, subscribe to your favorite retailers text message alerts. You’ll stay in the know when it comes to new collections dropping or events! Many of them send out special discounts too so sign up for text alerts and check your texts.

2.) Check your receipt.

If you are shopping at a store in real life, hold on to your receipt. Not just for a potential return but always check the bottom of your receipt for special discounts and offers. Check the back of it too. Check for a store experience survey invitation on your receipt.  Some retailers will offer a discount on a future purchase if you complete a short survey about your shopping experience.  If you shop online and have your purchases shipped to your home, check the inside of the box and the packing list for special offers too. I recently bought some clothes for my son and found an offer for a discount off my next purchase. Guess who’s getting more clothes?

3.) Go back to your shopping cart.

I once shopped online at a major retailer and I had to abandon my shopping cart. I had it packed with all sorts of things I wanted to buy but I had to stop shopping for reasons I don’t remember. (My kid distracted me probably.) So I went back to my shopping cart a day later and saw that the retailer had offered me a sweet discount off my entire purchase. I still wanted everything in my cart so I accepted the offer and finished up my shopping.  Retailers will sometimes offer you a discount to motivate you to go through with your purchase. They don’t want a bunch of shopping carts abandoned in cyberspace! So if you have to stop shopping and abandon your cart full of things you really wanted, don’t forget to go back to it. You might have a surprise discount waiting there for you. Take advantage of it!

4.) Follow your favorite ‘zines and bloggers.

These guys have partnered up with major retailers to offer exclusive deals to their audience. You can follow yours truly on Twitter. PSA: I’m always tweeting the latest deals and discount codes out there. Many are exclusive to my followers. You can’t say I never did anything for you.

5.) Download your favorite retailer’s app.

Apps have definitely streamlined the online shopping experience.  It’s like instant access to your favorite store.  Some even tell you when you’re physically close to a brick and mortar location. Retailers want you to use their apps. In fact, many offer a discount if you make a purchase using their app for the first time. Get to downloading!


How are you buying what you want for less? Let me know….

Laurie is a fashion writer covering fashion in cyberspace. She writes content regularly for retailers, newspapers and magazines. When she's not writing, she's most likely chasing after her little boy or watching the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned for her book.

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