An Exclusive Interview With Alpha Gypsy Designer Lilach Avissar

An Exclusive Interview With Alpha Gypsy Designer Lilach Avissar

Meet Lilach Avissar. She’s the founder and talented designer behind luxury brand Alpha Gypsy.  In our exclusive interview, Lilach told us about the inspiration behind her silk scarf collection, the cute story behind the brand’s name, her favorite way to wear scarves, and her exciting plans for the brand’s future. Read on below to find out how you can enter for a chance to win one of her luxurious scarves!


It's Electric!

It’s Electric!

Fashionkrush:  How did you get into the business of designing scarves?

Lilach Avissar:  I am an illustrator and a collage artist. I worked as a textile designer for big global companies for years. In addition to that, I’m also an avid scarves collector.  When the temperature starts to drop, I immediately start to wrap up…it’s a very personal and highly used fashion accessory to me so it’s been a very organic decision to kick off “Alpha Gypsy” with a scarves collection.  Also from the artistic aspect, more than any fashion item, scarves are like canvases but what’s unique about them is when it’s wrapped, the scarves both reveal and hide, in different manners, the artwork that’s printed on them.

FK:  What is the inspiration behind your collection? How do you stay inspired?

LA:  In general, I am addicted to good conversations and as a self-proclaimed gypsy, I travel a lot. I love colorful people and places.  The direct inspiration comes from images I like.  Being a collage artist, over the years, I’ve created an archive made from: magazines, wrapping papers, illustrations, stamps etc.  Most of the time the inspiration comes from an image I’ve collected-usually a retro/mystical image.  I create collage/pattern/typographic text revolving around that image, making it into an art/graphic piece…channeled to that piece is a spiritual or a visual statement.  Each scarf  is a creative outlet, and the collection is for me…more “exhibition” than a “collection” per say.

FK:  What makes your scarves so unique?

The Universe WIll Provide Scarf

The Universe WIll Provide Scarf

LA:  In each and every design/piece that I create, I invest endless amounts of creativity, intellect,  and love which makes the designs timeless regardless of trends.  Also the fabric quality and the printing technique create a very luxurious and vivid fashion item.

FK:  How many collections do you design within a year?

LA:  I design one big collection that launches before the autumn season…it sells all year long and another mini collection-This year it’ll be a Valentine’s Day collection in parallel to working on additional lines for Alpha Gypsy.

FK:  Behind every great name is a story.  What is the story behind Alpha Gypsy?

LA:  “Alpha Gypsy” is a combination of 2 nicknames I have. In my close family environment we use lots of nicknames.  The “Gypsy” comes from my adorable husband Tomer, he is a software consultant and a very analytical and pragmatic person. (Some say “a geek”-but in the cute, trendy way)  He pursued my “artistic lifestyle” in contrast to his, so he often refers to me as a “gypsy” or “having a gypsy lifestyle”.  The Alpha is because in my family, my nickname is “Beta”….so I upgraded myself and combined both nicknames to “Alpha Gypsy”.

FK:  What is it like in your design studio? What do you like to surround yourself with?

LA:   My studio is filled with art supplies….mainly different glues, pencils, color pigments, and unique papers I collect.  I have an archive to my images collection…lots of fabrics… and art and design books.  When I am in intense work sessions it usually looks like a bomb went off in the studio….paper leftovers, colors scraps, magazines, and glue all over the studio because collage work creates a chaotic environment.

Gypsy Queendom Scarf

Gypsy Queendom Scarf

FK:  Who is the girl that wears Alpha Gypsy? What is she like?

LA:  In my mind, the girl who wears Alpha Gypsy is between 14-40+ years old,  (or anyone older but young at heart) highly connected to and immersed in art/design/textiles.  She’s intelligent, bohemian, and an adventurer with a rich, artistic, blooming inner world who wishes to express it with clothing and appearance….. a lady who loves statement colors and patterns…an individualist who will go to great lengths for quality clothing, accessories, and any luxury designed items.

FK:  Where can we buy your beautiful scarves? Are they available worldwide?

LA:  Yes of course, we sell online. We ship worldwide  and offer free shipping in the US.  In addition, we sell in boutiques located in the Netherlands, Italy and Israel.

FK:   Can you describe your design process from conception to the final product? How long does it take to make one of your scarves?

LA:  Usually I work on a design itself around 2 weeks, besides the image creation… there is lots of technical work revolving around it…scanning the art, digital handling, and creating a tech pack.  When the collection is ready I send it to my workshop in India, where they print it either digitally or silk screen it onto soft luxury fabrics. The process takes around couple of months until a scarf is made.

FK:  Scarves are so versatile and can be worn so many ways. What’s your favorite way to wear them?

LA:  My favorite way to wear a scarf is in bandit/Jesse James tie…. for square scarves or after folding big scarves…. and always pairing them with a leather or denim jacket.

FK:  What’s next for you and your brand? Are there any special projects you’re working on that you can talk about?

LA:  Sure!  So many exciting lines are ahead. We are creating both underwear and bathing suit collections.  We want to add a luxury bag line and down the line, a spa collection of candles, soaps, lotions etc….and in addition, focus on a home wear collection.

Fashionkrush banner2

Enter for a chance to win a little piece of luxury!  This mustard yellow scarf is the perfect way to beat the winter blues…..fashionably of course.  Wrap up in this whimsical print and bright hue for an instant pick-me-up. One lucky reader is going to win it! Will it be you?

Here’s how to win it:

1.) Click here to visit Alpha Gypsy on Facebook and “like” their page to get collection updates and news.

2.) Leave a comment below. Winner will be chosen at random from comments on November 17th!


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  1. Netalie Milner - 10/17/2013 reply

    Amazing scarves! I would like to get one for sure 🙂

  2. Michelle - 10/17/2013 reply

    Lovely article and lovely scarves! Congrats to you and Tomer xo ( Tomer’s friend from the US)

  3. Love the patterns on the scarves and have liked their fb page.

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