Biggest Sunglass Trends Of Summer 2018

Biggest Sunglass Trends Of Summer 2018

Fact: A girl can NEVER own too many pairs of sunglasses. So don’t even ask her why she’s got several on hand.  She’s got her reasons. Not only does she have to protect her peepers from the sun, she’s got to rotate her sunglasses out to match her mood and her look….obviously! I’ll admit that I keep about ten pairs in the center console of my car because I like options. (Don’t you judge me!) If you too are a sunnies collector, check out this round- up of sunglasses representing all the major trends this season. Mirrored lenses, unique shapes, half-rims, aviators, mono lenses, cat-eyes, embellished frames, matrix look, acetate, d-frames…’s all here.
Hey, there’s even a few classic styles thrown in here if you buck the trends.
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