Currently Coveting: Embellished Socks

Currently Coveting: Embellished Socks

I know you’re pretty bummed out that sandal season is over. Maybe these blinged out socks will perk you up. (You can pair them with your favorite sandals until you’re forced to succumb to boots.)

Patch Socks


These socks are a nice mash-up of gems, metallic threads, patches and beadwork.  These socks were NOT….I REPEAT NOT…. meant to be hidden under a maxi skirt or under pants!

Bling Socks


When your socks are this pretty they need to be on display! Let them be seen. So roll up your hems….

Bling Socks


Slip on your crops…

Embroidered Socks

Let this sparkly sock show begin. Pick your favorite pair at Storets.

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