Currently Coveting: Opaque Tights

Currently Coveting: Opaque Tights

So it’s officially fall…..for all you people who live anywhere but here in the Sunshine State. (Don’t hate!) No doubt you’re sending all of your summer clothes to the back of your closet and making room for fall. Well, don’t put away those skirts you’ve been wearing all summer just yet.  You CAN wear them a bit longer with the help of some opaque tights– and no, not all tights are created equal. These Everyday Opaque Tights by Nordstrom are top notch.


Navy Opaque Tights
Made in Italy, they’re available in fall’s perfect palette– black, brown java, and navy iris.

Brown Opaque Tights

The’re just what you need to pull together all your outfits for fall….

Black Opaque Tights

and get a little more mileage out of those summer skirts! Get yours at Nordstrom!


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