Currently Coveting: Venessa Arizaga Bracelets

Currently Coveting: Venessa Arizaga Bracelets

No need to speak when these playful bracelets by Venessa Arizaga do all the talking for you.  They let everyone know your mindset  and status. These whimsical bracelets feature cool charms, silk/mixed fiber threading, and block letter beads. Wear them alone or as part of your wrist party. Check out these five Venessa Arizaga exclusives below only at 

Venessa Arizada bracelets

U & Me

Venessa Arizaga Bracelets

Momma Bear

Venessa Arizaga Bracelets

Busy Bee

Venessa Arizada Bracelets

I Want 2 B Adored

Cheeky Monkey


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