Fashion Fun: La Pièce Iron-On Elbow Patches

Established in 2010, La Pièce was created by two parisians who wanted to salvage their favorite clothes. The duo came up with a simple iron-on concept which makes patching up your clothes easy and at the same time reviving what might have been destined to be tossed.  We really like their elbow patches.  They’re perfect for camouflaging the signs of “wear and tear” on your favorite sweater or long sleeve top.  Each are made of only the best materials in France. If you just want to add your own personal touch to what you’re wearing, La Pièce also offers a collection of iron on patches and badges that can be applied to almost any type of fabric.  So instead of parting ways with your trusted go-to, consider the possibilities with an amazing La Pièce patch that can extend the wearability of your clothes for a little longer. Your clothes could be good as new in just seconds!






Laurie is a fashion writer covering fashion in cyberspace. She writes content regularly for retailers, newspapers and magazines. When she's not writing, she's most likely chasing after her little boy or watching the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned for her book.

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