If you ever wanted to reap the amazing benefits of the ancient art of aromatherapy but didn’t know where to begin, start with Cor Pendant.  Inside this sleek, modern pendant holds a replaceable wick carrying an exclusive aromatherapy blend of high quality, organic and wild-crafted oils.

Cor model shot

Simply twist the pendant to instantly stimulate your senses, regain your calm, find your center or energize your mind–no matter where you may be. Available in interchangeable and replaceable aromatherapy Cor Wicks™:

Calm. A relaxing blend of roman chamomile, neroli, rosalina, linaloe berry and lavender.

Focus. A citrusy scented blend of basil, car-damon, grapefruit essence and sweet orange.

Energy. An invigorating scent of rosemary, peppermint, green mandarin and lemon.


Available in gold, silver and rose gold tones.

Recent studies from the Mayo Clinic show how the fragrant parts of aromatic plants can offer benefits to support health and help attain a high-quality of life. “We chose specific blends of crisp, clean and sweet essential oils that specifically elevate mood,” said co-founder and Aromatherapist Coreena D’Alessandro. “We wanted this to be a timeless fashion piece that was also functional. This pendant is not only elegant, but the essential oils provide the wearer with endless benefits.”

Available this month. Read more about Cor Pendant here.