20 Statement Sleeves Worthy Of A Spot In Your Spring Wardrobe

20 Statement Sleeves Worthy Of A Spot In Your Spring Wardrobe

Let your sleeves take center stage this season. The more exaggerated and outrageous the better. So…what to look for in a statement sleeve?

1.) Ruffled Sleeves. These sleeves are adorned with ruffles ranging from mini to floor sweeping.  Whether it’s a mini cascade attached to a shirt cuff or an artful cascade dripping from a placket, ruffled sleeves are guaranteed to up the drama.

2.) Embellished Sleeves.  Pearls, crystals, sequins, lacing, fur and embroidery are covering sleeves in a cool way. Whether completely embellished or in strategic spots–like say the shirt cuff, embellishments keep the sleeves from looking common.

3.)  Exaggerated Sleeves.  These sleeves are also known as elongated, oversized and super long.  How long could it be? I’m talking so long they could slip into your soup if you’re not careful. So long they sweep the streets when you’re walking. So long they could get caught up in the elevator door. You get the idea. This might be a challenging sleeve to wear but it sure would be fun to try.

4.)  Cut Out Sleeves.  What’s interesting about these sleeves is well….what’s missing.  Clever cut outs give these sleeves their street cred. Whether it’s a cut out elbow, shoulder or a simple slit, these sleeves get all the second glances.

5.)  Slashed Sleeves.  Yes, it’s exactly like what it sounds. These sleeves are slashed usually down the center and then folded back on to the garment in an origami like fashion.  The result is an eye-catching sleeve that bares part of the arm–usually the shoulder and upper arms.

Now that you know what’s hot in sleeves, pick your favorite from the world’s best boutiques all in one place at Farfetch.  Here’s 20 sleeves worthy of a spot in your spring wardrobe.

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