Jagger Edge Wrist Bling Collection For iPhone

Jagger Edge Wrist Bling Collection For iPhone

Looking for the perfect case to outfit your iPhone in? Look no further than Jagger Edge. We’re really obsessed with their Wrist Bling Collection.  Inspired by Chanel and YSL, the collection features classic gold and black chains, a rhinestone lion, tassels, and the ultimate mash-up of pearls and chains. Go ahead and clutch it. Brandish it. Flash it. Flaunt it.  These cases are real show-stoppers.


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  1. What an interesting product. I am not aware of any similar cell phone accessories. Thanks for sharing information about this brand.

    Sharon of A Fashion Crowd

    • Laurie Ellison - 12/09/2013 reply

      There really isn’t anything like Jagger Edge on the market. They were making ultra-stylish iPhone cases before anyone even thought about it. Nobody does an iPhone case like Jagger Edge. Visit their site and prepare to be amazed! Enjoy and thanks for reading Fashionkrush!

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