Marbella Paris Luxury Skin Jewels

Marbella Paris Luxury Skin Jewels

Known as the leading luxury body jewelry designer in France, Marbella Paris takes body jewelry to a whole other level.  Created by Adeline Moniez in 2005, Marabella Paris offers a spectacular range of collections inspired by oriental jewelry and the Indian tradition of henna. Included in its luxurious offerings is haute couture jewelry, luxurious skin jewelry, temporary tattoos, and eyeliner.  You may recognize Marbella Paris from their many collaborations with some of the world’s most famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, and Gucci to name a few.  Marbella Paris uses only the finest materials in their collections such as Swarovski, french lace, cosmetic spangles, and hypoallergenic glue.

When we saw the Marbella Paris collection of adhesive, reusable, and Swarovski Crystal encrusted tattoos…we knew this would become our latest obsession.  We’ve never been one for traditional tattoos for two reasons. The needle and the commitment. We’re terrified of both but a beautifully designed temporary tattoo encrusted in Swarovski Crystal? It’s genius…no pain and all sorts of glitz to gain. We’d wear it.  Flip through our favorites and prepare to be…dazzled!

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