NOMAD By Tess Johnson

NOMAD By Tess Johnson

NOMAD is the ultimate backpack for city slickers and fashionistas constantly on the go!  Whether you have a lot or a little to carry, NOMAD by Tess Johnson can adapt to whatever is on your agenda.  On those days you’ve got to carry more than usual, the NOMAD can be easily expanded to accommodate all your essentials.  If you’re downsizing, fold the sides in on the NOMAD and you’ll get a sleeker look to tote to work and beyond.  Another feature we love is the separate back pocket because who has time to rummage through a bag looking for things? (Nobody!)  NOMAD is so well organized that it has the space to stash your laptop, notebook or magazines.  There’s even a lobster hook to keep track of your keys.  Another cool feature is that if you need access to the main compartment,  just swing it off one shoulder and unzip the side to grab what you need easily.  If you still need more space, there’s even pockets on the straps. How cool is that? Padded for comfort, one strap pocket is ideal for storing your ID, money, or a credit card. The other pocket is just right for your sunglasses or cell phone.  NOMAD is available in six colors made of high quality nylon and trimmed in luxe leather. Both the interior and exterior of this bag are water-resistant offering protection from the elements.  NOMAD is a bag that truly functions with no loss of style.

Love NOMAD? Check out the Kickstarter campaign to see how you can lend your support to help bring this amazing concept to fruition.


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