Save Vs. Splurge: Wide Brim Statement Hats

Save Vs. Splurge: Wide Brim Statement Hats

Designers have found a new canvas to get their message across: the wide brim hat.
So now you can hide under your hat and let your hat speak for you.  Besides, you’re on vacation.

The Splurge:

If you’ve got a cash wad burning a hole in your pocket, blow it all on this Leave A Message Hat by Eugenia Kim.  At $455, it’s definitely an investment.  (You’ll wear it all summer anyway, won’t you?) This hat is made of ivory toyo and features a dome crown wrapped in navy grosgrain ribbon.  The sassy message on this hat’s wide brim is hand-embroidered with black velvet sequins–a nice touch.  Get the look at Nasty Gal.

Leave A Message Hat


The Save:

If you only have $26 to blow,  vacation vibes can still be yours with this Come Sail Away Floppy Straw Hat by BP.  It’s made of paper straw and has a travel-inspired message printed on it’s wide brim. Get the look at Nordstrom.

Come Sail Away Hat





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