Social Shopping App “Looks Good On Me” To Launch This Fall!

So here’s the scenario. You’re out shopping alone and while trying on clothes, you need a trusted opinion because you can’t decide what to buy. You need advice and you need it…now!  So who better to turn to for an honest opinion than your own circle of friends? Looks Good On Me is the ultimate social shopping app that turns your friends into your own panel of fashion advisors that will give you feedback on your outfit choices whenever you need them. It’s like having a personal stylist at your service 24/7.  There’s no need to call or text everyone individually. The app, with it’s easy to use interface does all the work for you with just a touch of a button.  Founded by Tatjana Apukhtina and Matthew Blakemore, Looks Good On Me is poised to revolutionize the shopping experience.

So how exactly does the Looks Good On Me app work?

  • Via the app,  you simply select friends to add to your own “fashion jury”.
  • Go shopping!
  • Try on some clothes and take some selfies.
  • Those selfies are sent out to your style savvy jury via the app.
  • Set a time period for a response from the jury. They can make comments and vote “yes” or “no”.
  • You get to see the results, review the overall verdict and make your own informed buying decision.

No more indecisiveness. No more deliberating. No more doubts. No more time wasted. No more missed opportunities. You get to reap all the benefits of a maximized shopping experience with the app.  We can totally see Looks Good On Me being used in scenarios other than a shopping trip.  Sometimes you also need a second opinion when it comes to getting dressed for a date, interview, or a special occasion. Looks Good On Me puts an end to all those agonizing dressing decisions.

Looks Good On Me is set to launch in October 2014 and will be free to download first on Apple IOS and then later on Android.

Want to lend your support? Visit the app’s Kickstarter campaign for more details.



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