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When I reported on this trend back in January, I didn’t see many people embracing it nor did I see many stores offering it. Flash forward to now, it’s EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. (Seriously, you can even buy a tie-dye face mask now.) The question I keep getting in my inbox is: Why has the tie-dye trend blown up so much? I have my theories. Read on.

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1.) It’s summer.

Many families have pressed pause on their vacay plans due to the pandemic. They’re staying close to home and spending more time together. Many families are getting crafty. One way they’re getting crafty is with tie-dye. Don’t believe me? Check it out on Pinterest. There are thousands of how-to-tie-dye pins. Go to your local craft store. I’ll bet the tie-dye supply section is ransacked. Tie-dye is a pretty simple DIY that can be done at home with kids, teenagers, and adults. Even if you mess up, no worries. You didn’t really mess up. You made a one-of-a-kind creation and you made memories this summer.

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2.) The rise of DIY Nation.

As a result of being at home due to the shutdowns, I think a lot of people have turned to crafting to keep their minds busy. Some did it because it was a necessity. Look at what the sewing crowd did. They mobilized to meet the need for face masks. Pre-corona, I saw people embracing crafts of decades past like crochet, tie-dye, knitting, macrame, quilting, etc. Now that life has slowed down a bit due to the health crisis, there’s plenty of time to learn something new. I think there’s this strong desire to learn some of these techniques. Tie-dye just so happens to be easy, inexpensive, and fun. Want to try it? Get your supplies here.

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3.) We’re craving a little nostalgia.

Tie-Dye is synonymous with the 1960’s but it has actually shown up in different cultures dating back to hundreds of years ago. Tie-dye has had moments of popularity in modern fashion cycles over the years. I think that many people are gravitating to tie-dye because it might be some sort of reminder of happier times. If that is your bright spot during this pandemic, then so be it. There are no rules anymore. Do and wear whatever makes you happy.

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4.) It makes basics look…well….not so basic.

I don’t think many people are getting dressed up anymore. Are you? Unless you are an essential worker, there’s nowhere to go except for essential shopping. Most people are working from home now and have embraced the “work from home wardrobe”. You’ve also got people living through the pandemic in loungewear. Now is the time for basic silhouettes to shine. Tie-Dye has a way of making any basic look interesting. It’s a nice way to upgrade a basic tee, lounge pants, sweatshirts and more. Not only is tie-dye a way to boost a basic, it’s bright colors and unpredictable patterns might be boosting moods too.

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Have you embraced tie-dye?

Let me know in the comments below. Stay safe friends.