Trend To Try: The Bandana

Trend To Try: The Bandana

The bandana is having a moment. If you want to test one out, there are several ways you can wear a bandana:

  • Roll it up and wear it as a headband.
  • Wrap it around your wrist.
  • Roll it up tight and wear it around your neck as a necklace mixed in with some chains.
  • Tie it loosely around your messy ponytail and let the ends of it mix in with your hair.
  • Beach bound? Wrap it around your ankle.
  • Fold it once in a triangle and wear it around your neck as a scarf…bandit style!

My bandana of choice? This black and white bandana by Saint Laurent. This particular print is available in lipstick red and white too. Get the look at Forward by Elyse Walker.





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