Trend To Try: Art Prints

Trend To Try: Art Prints

Not a print lover? Maybe you’re over all the predictable varieties–stripes, polka dots and florals? Before you dismiss prints forever and stick to the solids you know and trust, venture into a world of art prints instead. Fashion and art have always related to each other in some way, so it’s no big surprise that art prints are showing up on every imaginable silhouette and accessory you can think of. Take your pick from collage prints, abstract prints, hand painted prints, spray painted prints and graffiti prints. Each are your ticket to creative expression and a spot among the street chic.  You’ll need at least one of these five completely wearable and memorable works of art in your life this season.


Collage Prints

Collage prints consist of several images, patterns, or sketches that may or not relate to each other but somehow they seem so right.


Spray Paint Prints

You’ve seen spray paint art on the streets–now you can wear a spray painted masterpiece.


Abstract Prints

These cartoon like images add a whimsical and sometimes comical touch to your look.

Graffiti Prints

Inspired by the elaborate scribbles we’ve all seen on the street, these prints lend your look the right dose of cool cred.

Hand Painted Prints 

If you really truly want a one-of-a-kind piece, hand painted prints are it. These prints will naturally vary and no two will be exactly alike.

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