Sweater season is upon us. When you feel that chill, reach for one of these chunky statement sweaters by MUMSHANDMADE. FYI: These are not your typical sweaters. These sweaters are made to order. That’s right. There’s NO machine knitting for the masses here. These unique sweaters are BEAUTIFULLY handmade by professional Greek artisans who are passionate about their craft and sustainability. The entire collection features high quality and earth friendly yarns, of-the-moment styling, on trend colors and no shortage of chunky textures. These cozy sweaters are basically wearable pieces of art. Ready to go full cocoon? Take your place on the concrete catwalk. You’re about to get all the double-takes.

Check out our faves below and get the look at MUMSHANDMADE.

Fringes Bohemian Cardigan

Bubble Sleeve Sweater

Texture Chunky Cardigan

V-Neck Poncho Sweater

Turtle Rolled Neck Sweater