We’ll get straight to it: We can’t get over the Princess of Wales’s choice of hair accessory she wore at the Coronation of her father-in-law, King Charles III. If you’re reading this, you probably can’t get over it either. It was a wearable work of art–a masterpiece. So the celebration at Buckingham Palace continues, as does our obsession with Kate’s custom headpiece. 

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What did the Princess of Wales wear on her head at the coronation?

While most people thought that Kate would probably wear a diamond-encrusted tiara, she wore a custom nature-inspired silver headpiece instead. Kate wore a Jess Collet X Alexander McQueen headpiece. Kate’s sculptural headpiece consisted of shimmering silver bullion crystal and silver thread leaf embroidery which was beautifully crafted to form a point above her head. 

Where can I get a headpiece like the one the Princess of Wales wore?

We can see Kate’s custom headpiece inspiring brides-to-be and anyone looking for a pretty way to accent their ‘do. So if you find yourself now frantically searching the internet to find a headpiece like Kate’s with a similar vibe, check these out below: