Amazon Prime membership has many benefits, such as Prime Try Before You Buy. Prime Try Before You Buy (formerly known as Prime Wardrobe) is a modern and efficient way to shop online. You can try on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories from the comfort of your home with no upfront charge and pay only for what you keep. Prime Try Before You Buy conveniently brings style to your doorstep. 

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Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

What is Prime Try Before You Buy?

Prime Try Before You Buy combines the convenience of online shopping that you crave with all the perks of having an in-store dressing room. It solves the dilemma of gauging whether something you saw online will fit. Instead, you can shop, try on, and eventually buy your new fave go-to pieces for your wardrobe—all in the comfort of your home. Prime Try Before You Buy is exclusively available to Amazon Prime customers. 

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

Why Do I Need Prime Try Before You Buy?

If you’ve only begun to explore the many benefits of Amazon Prime membership, you should tap into one of its best perks–Prime Try Before You Buy. Below are some reasons to give it a go: 

You’re a fashion insider

Prime Try Before You Buy is the best way to try on current fashion trends to see what works for you. 

You love to shop online

Anyone that loves to shop online will appreciate the ease and simplicity of Prime Try Before You Buy. It’s never been easier to shop online with confidence.

You can’t commit without trying it on

One of the bummers about traditional online shopping is that it’s hard to make a confident buying decision because you don’t get to try anything on. Since brands all have different size standards, this can leave any shopper feeling hesitant, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

Your only option was to buy several sizes, pay upfront, and return what didn’t fit. Prime Try Before You Buy is a game changer because you get to select the items you are interested in, try them on in the comfort of your home, keep what you love, and easily send back what doesn’t work out for you. 

You don’t have the time or energy to shop

Life can get hectic. It can leave us with little time to shop. Roaming from store to store and sifting through clothes racks only to come up empty-handed is a real-time sucker. Prime Try Before You Buy can streamline your shopping experience and save time. 

You want to shop pressure-free

Nothing kills a shopping vibe like feeling that you’re under some pressure to make a decision. How many times have you bought something you didn’t like because you felt pressured by a salesperson? Prime Try Before You Buy eliminates any stress because you can freely browse and take up to 7 days to decide on your Prime Try Before You Buy selections. 

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

How does Prime Try Before You Buy work?

Prime Try Before You Buy is a great perk of Amazon Prime Membership. Here’s how it works:

Log into your Amazon Prime account.

Enter the item you’re looking for in the search field at the top of your screen. Next, select the Prime Try Before You Buy filter from the filter panel on your screen to get back products that are eligible for Prime Try Before You Buy. From there, browse a selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. There are over a million items for women, men, and children! 

Select up to six items.

Add the items you’re interested into your Prime Try Before You Buy cart. Amazon will send your selections in a Prime Try Before You Buy box directly to your door with no upfront charge. 

Try everything on.

Once you receive your Prime Try Before You Buy box, you’ll have a 7-day try-on period. After that, you’ll only pay for what you decide to keep. 

Confirm which items you want to keep.

Retrieve your Prime Try Before You Buy Order within your Amazon account. Confirm which items you’ll keep and which items you want to return by completing the check-out.  

How do you return what you don’t want?

Since Prime Try Before You Buy is a perk of your Prime Membership, you only pay for what you decide to keep. Amazon provides a resealable box and a prepaid shipping label along with your shipment. Returns are free. Pack everything you don’t want to keep in the resealable box and apply the prepaid shipping label. Then, drop your package off at a UPS location. 

How do you sign up for Amazon Prime?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial and start taking advantage of all the perks of Prime membership. Log into your new Amazon Prime account, and you’re just a few clicks away from building an enviable wardrobe.