(Hot) Coastal Cowgirl season has begun.

A woman holding baby breath.

Part beach babe and part country girl, Coastal Cowgirl is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2023 to hit the streets. Read on to learn more about the trend that is all over your social feed right now.

What is the Coastal Cowgirl trend?

A woman wearing a chunky knit sweater and a cowboy hat.

Coastal Cowgirl is basically a mashup between the laidback coastal style of a beach babe and the western vibe of a country girl. In other words, think beach babe meets cool cowgirl.

How can I get the Coastal Cowgirl look?

A woman wearing a floral dress and a cowboy hat.

Combine traditional western wear with beachy or coastal elements, like an ethereal maxi dress, straw hat, or seashell jewelry.

What can I add to my wardrobe to get the Coastal Cowgirl look?

A woman sitting in a field of dandelions.

Surprise! You probably already have elements of both aesthetics in your closet! Start with a classic western piece like a denim jacket, cowboy hat, or a pair of cowboy boots. Add a beach-inspired element, like a sundress, or cut-off shorts. Mix and match patterns like plaid and florals. Feel free to experiment with different textures like straw, chunky knits, and distressed denim. Jewelry with coastal and western vibes is a nice added touch. Style your look with statement pieces made of seashells, silver, turquoise and beach and western motifs.

Where can I get inspiration for my coastal cowgirl look?

Be inspired by these pictures below:

A woman wearing a white lace off the shoulder top.
A woman wearing a denim dress and walking on the beach.
A woman wearing a red bandana print  maxi skirt.

A woman watching the sun set.
A woman wearing a floral crown.
A woman wearing a pink maxi dress on the beach.

So are you ready to bring the Coastal Cowgirl trend into your wardrobe? Here are 100 ways to let your inner Coastal Cowgirl shine:

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