There’s been a big shift to shopping online in the last few years. Sure, the pandemic had something to do with it. It kept us from shopping IRL for a bit. In fact, the pandemic actually accelerated interest and acceptance of shopping online. More than anything, the needs of the customer have changed. Buyers have realized that shopping online is convenient, saves time, and can save money. Who doesn’t want to save a little bit of money? Here are five ways you could be saving money when you shop online.

Get on the list.

One of the first things you might see while you’re shopping online, is an offer flash across the retailer’s homepage. This is usually an instant discount if you’d like to sign up for the retailer’s email list. Usually, this one-time discount is about 10-20% off your purchase. Not only will you get a sweet discount but you’ll also be in the know when it comes to a flash sale or new merch drops. Now you’ll never be the last to know.

Shop the app.

There really is an app for just about everything. Even for shopping. Most retailers offer their own app now that can provide you with a more personalized shopping experience. Sometimes, if you shop via the retailers app, you can score an exclusive discount or get access to exclusive merch. Not only that, but shopping via your fave retailers app is convenient on your smartphone. Moral of this story? If your fave retailer has an app, download it.

Get social.

You might be using social media to keep up with friends, family and the news but are you following your fave retailers? Following them on social media is another way to potentially save some money. Retailers often announce their sales via social media. Sometimes they’ll drop special discount codes on their social channels exclusively for their followers.

Read the packing list.

So you bought something online. It finally arrived. You were so excited that you busted your package open and threw away all the packaging without a second glance. Sound familiar? Before you toss the packaging, check out the front and back of any invoices or packing slips. Sometimes, retailers will print out (SURPRISE!) a discount code on these that you can use for a future purchase.

Shopping Online

Don’t ditch your cart.

Have you ever filled up your online shopping cart with everything that you had your eye on and then couldn’t go through with the transaction? Did you get distracted during the checkout process? Did you need more time to make a decision? Sometimes, a retailer will offer you an exclusive discount to motivate you to complete your purchase. If it’s a retailer you usually buy from, you might get an email reminder that you “left something in your cart”. You might even get an instant message at the checkout screen that reminds you to complete your purchase with a special offer. Getting what you really want and saving a little bit of money? It’s a win-win situation.