The classic denim jacket is a wardrobe essential. I’d file it right up there with the classic trench coat under the category of versatile outerwear. Like all classics, they’re a safe bet but every now and then they get reimagined with completely cool results.

One modern update to this denim staple that has caught my eye is the coated treatment. Coating (aka wax ) is a waxy treatment applied to denim that gives it a leather-like-look. Coated denim is nothing new. You might even remember this trend storming the denim scene several years ago. There have been many takes on the coated trend but this one is really pretty. These coated denim jackets feature a foil overlay. Whether you opt for gold or silver foil, they lend instant eye-catching sheen to all of your looks.

Do you like all those head-to-toe denim looks you’ve seen on the street lately but feel like you’d want to break it up somehow? Throw one of these coated denim jackets in the mix. You’ll still get that denim-on-denim look you love but the focus will be on your metallic top half.

Made in Italy, these coated denim jackets can be worn in many different ways. They pair up perfectly with all of your everyday-laid-back-luxe-looks. Style one for a day at the office and then later head out in it for the evening. Ready to layer on the shine? Get the look at Madison.