Current Obsession: Para’kito Bracelets

Current Obsession: Para’kito Bracelets

Adorn your wrist with one of these bracelets stat!

It’s that time of the year. The mosquitos are baaaaack so I’ve been looking into some anti-mosquito options for myself. My son wears a mosquito repelling bracelet by PARA’KITO. We are BIG fans. It works great! No chemicals. No messy sprays or sticky lotions to slather on. It’s an easy to wear bracelet that you slip a mosquito repelling pellet in. (The pellet smells pretty pleasant to us but the mosquitos despise it!) So I wondered if PARA’KITO had these bracelets for adults. After some research, I discovered that they sure do!

FYI: These are nothing like those coil bug bands you see in stores. These clever bracelets not only repel the blood suckers but they look cool too! I can totally see these being worn to any outdoor summer events like pool parties, boating, festivals and beach gatherings.

So how do they work? PARA’KITO wristbands are DEET free and provide constant protection for 15 days thanks to a refillable pellet. The pellets are a patented innovative diffusion technology. They release essential oils for all-day protection in any climate. The bracelets come with two pellet refills so you’ll be mosquito free for a whole month.

The bands are adjustable so you can wear them around your wrist or ankle. If you plan to be around water, you’ll love that these bracelets are also waterproof. Fashionable and functional, these bracelets are a summertime essential. Don’t leave the house without one on. Get yours here.

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