Trend To Try: Sporty Sandals

Trend To Try: Sporty Sandals

I may never wear basic flip-flops again.

I’m really loving the chunky, sport bottoms I’m seeing on sandals everywhere this season. It’s like a mashup of a sneaker and a sandal. Not only do they look super cool but they support your feet better than the classic flip flop or flat bottom sandal. So if you plan to be on your feet for a bit, the sporty sandal offers plenty of support and style. Here are five pairs I’m eyeballing for summer:

Ash Lilly Sporty Sandals
Ash Lilly Sandals
Prada Cloudburst Sporty Sandal
Prada Cloudburst Sandal
Joshua Sanders Sporty Platform Sandal
Joshua Sanders Plaform Sandal
P.A.R.O.S.H. Laminated Sporty Platform Sandal
P.A.R.O.S.H. Laminated Platform Sandal
Twin-Set Embellished Sporty Sandals
Twin-Set Embellished Sandals

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