Get The Cut-Off Denim Shorts With The Perfect Shred! (And The Legs To Go With Them!)

Get The Cut-Off Denim Shorts With The Perfect Shred! (And The Legs To Go With Them!)

It’s way too hot out to wear jeans or any kind of pants for that matter. What to wear instead? Cut-off denim shorts. The Summer Sky Cut-Off Shorts are the perfect alternative to pants. These distressed to the max shorts feature a high waist and 5 pocket styling. No doubt these are the shorts you’ll be wearing all summer long! Get yours at Nasty Gal!

BTW, these shorts really put your legs on display, so you’ll want your legs to look their best. So just how can you get smooth hair-free stems? We won’t leave you hanging.  Instead we’ll just tell you that we are completely obsessed with Wax-A-Way.

Sugar WaxIt’s our go-to when we need to get pretty pins. It’s the safe, simple and most effective way to remove unwanted hair and keep it away for weeks. (Because you’ve got better things to do this summer than shave every other day!)   This all natural wax is made of sugar, honey, rosewater, and lemon extracts. It’s unique formula sticks to hair and not your skin. It’s completely water soluble so any residue washes away effortlessly. We’ve tried many different waxing kits in the past but Wax-A-Way is by far the best.  We can’t recommend it enough and by now, you should know we’d never steer you wrong.

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