Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Fashionista

Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Fashionista

The countdown to Christmas continues with only ten days left! We’ll admit that we’re not done shopping for all those holiday gifts and we’re willing to bet you’re not either, right? Well don’t freak out….especially when you get to that fashionista on your list. So what kind of a gift does one buy for the girl that loves fashion? We have some ideas for holiday gifts that will inspire you…and they’re all available in one place at Nordstrom.

1. Get her up to Tech!  She’ll need an iPhone case that’s in sync with her style and looks just as cool as she does.


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2.) Get her some fancy footwear! Slip-on sneakers are so of-the-moment and perfect for strutting down the concrete catwalk!


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3.) Gift her with glitz! Get her a piece of statement jewelry that catches the eye and starts the conversation.


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4.) Give her ‘do a boost! Get her an amazing hair accessory that perfectly accents her hair.


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5.) Help her top it all off with a hat! Hats are more than just a go-to for bad hair days! Get her a fantastic hat to add to her street style.

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