Pick Of The Day: Kate Spade Saturday Zodiac iPhone 5 Case

Pick Of The Day: Kate Spade Saturday Zodiac iPhone 5 Case

We’re big believers in the zodiac. You too? Well now you can give your iPhone the cosmic touch! Outfit your iPhone with a zodiac case by Kate Spade Saturday! iPhones have become an extension of our own personalities. (Seriously…how did we ever function without them?) There’s no better way to personalize your iPhone than with a case that reflects your zodiac sign.  These cases fit an iPhone 5, are made of hard plastic and feature a custom Kate Spade Saturday print. Now you and your iPhone can always be in sync.

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  1. I’m overly obsessed with horoscopes, although I’m often grunting as I read mine each day (Scorpio always seems to be so negative… lol)! Loving this. (:

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    • Laurie Ellison - 12/19/2014 reply

      I live by it. I’m Aquarius and it seems like most of the time my horoscope is pretty much right on. Some people think it’s all hocus-pocus but when faced with a dilemma I always consult the stars! The stars never lie! LOL!

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