We are living in an unprecedented time friends.

Usually, I write about fashion. Today, I’m going off-roading to say something that has to be said. To all of our readers, followers, families, friends, and partners: Please stay safe and informed during these challenging times. COVID-19 is a worldwide health crisis. Information on it is changing constantly and should be taken seriously. Please follow your local government’s instructions. Get the REAL facts at the CDC. You can also stay informed of the spread in real-time with Microsoft’s COVID Tracker.

Living in Florida and dealing with the annual threat of hurricanes, I’ve learned to always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. That is my mindset in dealing with COVID-19. If you have a chance and are able to help your neighbors or anyone in your community, please help where you can.

I’m removed from society (like everyone else) but will still be here at home writing in hopes that maybe FASHIONKRUSH will be a bright spot for you during this situation.

Stay safe. Take care.

Credits: Street art by Pobel. Pic by Daniel Tafjord. Location: Bryne, Norway