These Sonix iPhone cases are working overtime.

In these pandemic times, I find myself taking precautions in every aspect of my life. From masking to wiping down my devices on the daily, I’m on red alert. Especially when it comes to my iPhone. I’m cautious as to who handles it, where I lay it, etc.


Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, our iPhones can become germ magnets if left unchecked. If you want to keep your iPhone clean and germ-free check out the range of Sonix iPhone cases. Sonix is known as the pioneer of “Pretty Protection”.

Give Me Space

Their iPhone cases are antimicrobial. They’re designed to inhibit and destroy the growth of bacteria. What makes this a standout is that instead of a basic antimicrobial surface coating, the antimicrobial agent is infused and mixed into the plastic during production. It’s a big deal because this means that the actual material the cases are made of are antimicrobial. This antimicrobial protection won’t chip away or deteriorate because it’s engineered within. It’s genius.

Purple Rain

While the antimicrobial properties are a big plus for me, there are other reasons to love Sonix cases.


For the fashion set, ordinary cases will not do. Fortunately, Sonix really has their finger on the pulse of what’s trending in fashion and pop culture. They realize that iPhone has become an extension of the owner. Basically, we all want to style our iPhones to reflect our taste or interest. Sonix offers plenty of options with bold of-the-moment graphics and luxe styling.

The Match

For Apple fans that want to protect their investment, peace of mind is a priority. Sonix has solutions for every possible scenario. Worried about your camera lens getting scratched? Raised bumpers around the camera hole prevent that. Worried you’ll drop your iPhone flat on it’s screen? Raised shock-absorbent sides offer full 360º of protection while grooved impact resistant corners offer added protection. Worried that the pretty case design will fade away? Scratch-resistant, protective coating keeps it looking sharp. Don’t want to cover up the beauty of the iconic iPhone? Sonix cases actually enhance the beauty of iPhone while others completely ignore it.

Pearl Tort (biodegradable)

For the eco-conscious, select cases are biodegradable. These cases were engineered with eco-friendly materials during the production process. Protecting your iPhone and the environment is easy with ReSonix, the brands recycling program aimed at reducing their carbon footprint towards sustainability. Sonix cases look good AND they do good!


Sonix is everything you’d want in an iPhone case. Affordable. Luxurious. Stylish and protective in more ways than one. People of Sonix: You got me so hooked I may never buy a case from anyone else ever again.


Ready to style AND protect your iPhone? Get the look here.