Threendie To Launch Summer 2015

Here at FASHIONKRUSH, we love supporting up-and-coming designers!  We’re also all about anything that helps get an emerging designer exposure. If you are an established indie designer or an indie designer on the verge, this one’s for you! Get to know Threendie! Threendie is the world’s first unique web platform where independent designers can showcase their work in a realistic 3D virtual storefront.  Threendie empowers you to leverage to your advantage 3D Visual Communication to reach your target audience.  Designers can express their creativity by arranging and dressing their own virtual storefront windows. Creativity knows no limits here and the best part is that Threendie provides this virtual exposure for free.  Limited resources are a common factor that often keeps emerging designers from promoting their products.  As a vehicle for worldwide exposure, Threendie makes limited resources a thing of the past.  Thoughtfully engineered,  Threendie boasts a fully responsive design that promises flawless usage across all web browsers on desktop or laptop computers. Not only is Threendie a great place to showcase your work, it’s also the ideal place where designers and artists can connect with each other.  We all know what  happens when creative minds collide….collaborations! (Hey, you never know!) Stay tuned for Threendie to launch this summer. In the meantime, you can get social and connect with Threendie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube



Laurie is a fashion writer covering fashion in cyberspace. She writes content regularly for retailers, newspapers and magazines. When she's not writing, she's most likely chasing after her little boy or watching the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned for her book.

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