Meet Virtual Shopping Center: The Future Of Online Shopping

We’re totally addicted to the convenience of shopping online! Up until now,  shopping online has consisted mainly of searching for what you want to buy via search engines, scrolling through the results and an endless catalog collection of hundreds or sometimes even thousands of product images.  It also lacks the social aspect and actual store experience. If any of that is important to you, then read on because shopping online is about to be modernized thanks to a brilliant new online shopping platform called Virtual Shopping Center .  Founder, Jelena Bjelovuk and her team at Gatebizzcommunications have engineered this completely immersive 3D shopping environment that emulates a real-life shopping experience.  They came up with a breakthrough technology that enabled them to combine 3D animation and e-commerce which users could run in a browser without any additional downloads. When Gatebizzcommunications CEO, Jelena became a mother and a business owner, shopping online for her had become dreadful.  Web stores that were once fun to browse turned into flat two-dimensional pages and going through so many of them required additional time and energy that Jelena didn’t have anymore.   Rather than let the frustration of the situation get the best of her, she invented a solution and Virtual Shopping Center was born! Virtual Shopping Center  perfectly combines the allure of a realistic 3D environment, the convenience of online shopping and social interaction all under one amazing virtual roof.  By guiding your own personal avatar through a beautiful multi-level virtual mall,  you’ll be able to walk around, browse, socialize, shop and connect with your favorite brands.

Virtual Shopping Center

VSC Entrance Lobby

Not only can you go on a virtual shopping spree here but Virtual Shopping Center  boasts seamless social integration where shoppers can also connect and communicate with their friends and other like-minded shoppers…..all in real time.  With the use of cutting-edge 3D technology, shoppers can instantly share their shopping experiences and thoughts with their friends in a socially interactive and visually stunning 3D virtual shopping environment.  The ability to create shopping lists, exchange ideas,  discover new brands and compare prices all promise to enhance the online shopping experience. Another feature we really liked is that no matter how many stores you visit and make a purchase from, all the items you want to buy are placed into one shopping cart and you check out in only one transaction.

Virtual Shopping Center

VSC Escalators

We can totally see the advantages of shopping at Virtual Shopping Center such as the convenience of being able to shop online day or night, brand exclusives and the selection of about 100 different brands to shop from.  No doubt this will appeal to fashionistas and shopaholics everywhere but we can also see how Virtual Shopping Center could benefit new mothers, the elderly, people who want privacy, the tech savvy set, anyone that has difficulty getting out to physically shop or people who live in remote areas.

Virtual Shopping Center

VSC Entrance

If you’re always on-the-go, the team behind Virtual Shopping Center are currently developing a platform that will be available for different smart devices including phones and tablets. To stay in the loop for the release date and for all the latest news about Virtual Shopping Center , connect with Virtual Shopping Center  on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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